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Hi-Tech Pest Control & Agro Aid . Established in the year 1993 and engaged in Pest Control and fumigation services .Company is performing in whole Rajasthan and also have Pest control works contracts at addjoing states. Company crew strength is 20, among there are managers technically qualified up post graduate/ graduate with Entomology and life sciences having vast knowledge pests, their life cycles and effective intergrated pest managment. HI-TECH PESTCONTROL & AGRO AID, has been in the field of Methyl Bromide (MBr) sales since year 2005. Importing Methyl Bromide 98% + chloropicrin 2%w/w in cans of 1.5 Lbs & 1 Lbs.

This product is of U.S.A. origin. Manufactured by Great lake chemical Crop. (now Chemutra Crop.) U.S.A . Packed by Mebrom Ltd. in cans. We have sold this imported product (MBr) to several organizations in the past and have had a good relation with all of them, having no complaints from our clients about the product. we are selling this product at extremely competitive rates. We are also delear of Bayer public health pesticides.