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Mouse & Rat Trap

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL & AGRO AID.  Mouse & Rat trap is a unique rat trap that looks like a book and opens like one. Once opened, you can find inside two special glue surfaces separated by spacers to stop them from sticking to each other. These surfaces are extremely sticky. Rats and Mice are creatures of habit – they tend to follow a fixed route along walls and corners. And they don’t walk – they scamper.

All you have to do is open Mouse & Rat Trap and place it along the rat’s route at night. The scurrying animal walks right onto the trap and before it realises, it’s stuck for life. The trap can then be easily disposed off. In case the Rat or Mouse  was not in the area, and hence not caught, you can fold back Mouse & Rat Trap and try again at another location.

HI-TECH PEST CONTROL & AGRO AID. Mouse & Rat Trap has been tested under diverse climatic conditions. The special glue lasts for many years and it can function at temperatures ranging from 0o C to 45o C. However, reasonable precautions such as proper storage (away from excess moisture and extreme heat) will ensure that  Mouse & Rat Trap performs as designed. Although Mouse & Rat Trap is safe and non-toxic, it should be kept away from children and pets. Should the glue stick to hands or other objects, apply vegetable oil and wash with mild detergent and water.

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